About Us

Tigresse Video Rentals

We are a family owned and operated DVD rental business whose sole purpose is to help you spend less money and more time with the family by providing you with conveniently located DVD rental machines (kiosks), that offer much lower prices than those "big chain" stores.

Operating a DVD Rental Kiosks is easy; just like operating an ATM machine but easier.

Renting a movie is easy.

  • Browse through the available movies using the touch screen
  • Select to Rent a movie
  • If you have a Coupon Code, enter it
  • Swipe your credit card
  • Your movie will be dispensed

Returning a movie is even easier.
  • Push the Return button
  • Gently push movie through the dispenser

Visit our webstite at: Tigresse Video Rentals

Thompson River University, 900 McGill Road, Kamloops, BC, V2C 5N3